Something within – part 7: The way we were

One night, old lady sat next to my fire. She was watching me attend my scratches and bruises. I am usually the one that asks all sorts of questions and make jokes. Not this night though. I decided to be quiet until she speaks to me.

“Do you still think of a woman that left the island?”

“Yes, sometimes I do. I wonder what happened to her.”
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Something within – part 6: Blending in

I am living with them for almost three months now. On my repeated questions about their disappearing, they told me they were here all the time. They couldn’t see me but they did sense my presence. Maybe I didn’t sense their presence because I was new on the island…I don’t know.

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Something within – part 5: The dream

I am sitting on a beach surrounded by friends. We are laughing a lot. Every time I am with them my tummy hurts so much. Guys decide to search the woods to use as firewood. We are going to have a beach barbecue. Girls went for a swim. We are swimming around the island. Well, we are trying to but neither of us is actually that good of a swimmer. Except maybe for Clara but she is thoughtful enough not to let it show. Girls scattered and went quiet, we are all experiencing this part of paradise for ourselves.

The water around me is still. I can hear the ocean kissing the shore. Suddenly everything is dark around me. Where am I? I can hear children playing outside. Hm..outside…that means I am inside..but where? My eyes are slowly getting accustomed to darkness and I can see windows and sun rays shining through them. I look around…this seems like a cellar. There are stairs right in front of me, doors on the top of the stairs are open. Climbing up the stairs is weird. As I am getting higher, my feet are growing heavier. By the time I reach the door, I can’t move them at all. I mean I can’t make a step forward but making a step backward is easy.
I turn my back to the door and try to make a step backward now. My feet are not moving. Making a step forward, deeper into the cellar, is easy. I turn around again, put my hands on the door frame and, as much as I can, stick my head out the door. This seems like a cozy family home. Children that I heard earlier probably live here. I shouldn’t panic, things seem under control.Read More »

Something within – part 4: The feed

Nights here are colder than one would expect. I ended up sleeping next to the fire in front of my house. In the morning, there was still no sign of women. I searched the whole village in order to find some food. There was fish and bread enough for just one more meal. So I went to the fishing nets to find something I know how to use. Some sort of fishing rod and a small hook was laying there just waiting to be found.

So here I am now, trying to catch a fish for more than 6 hours now. They either don’t bite at all, or get off the hook at some point. This seemed easier while I was watching my dad do it. Sadly, it is just as boring now as it was back then.

Have you noticed that in public toilets for men there is always soap whereas public toilets for women are often without it? I mean, one would expect men’s hands are bigger than women’s so they would use more soap than us right? Does it happen to happens to me sometimes when I press the soap button…it misses my hand and the soap gets spilled on the wash basin…I always think of a premature soapaculation…and then I wonder if I should clean that up or not…the naughty side of me usually leaves it…Read More »

Something within – part 2: Growing up

When I was small, much smaller than I am now, you used to take me to your office whenever I wasn’t in school.

I remember, you used to fill in your serious reports while I was playing in your office. Sometimes you worked so hard that I would fell asleep on that gray sofa you had there. But I didn’t mind, I knew when I wake up your work will be finished and we will spend time talking about stuff that were pretty serious for me back then.
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Something within – part 1: Summer rain

This image has been triggered by Brook Benton’s Rainy night in Georgia. Play the song and re-create the image I created for myself.

Hot summer night. I am sitting on a porch of a folk home built in Victorian style, enjoying the view. Vast green meadow with a big tree in the middle of it. I am sitting in my rocking chair. Rain is pouring, it is peaceful and quiet. I am exhausted.

You step onto the porch. Your hair is still wet. “You should have dried it, you dummy!” You just smile manly – “There is no wind”.

It has been such a long day. Cleaning up after your bachelor’s party wasn’t an easy task but we laughed so much. You guys really did a mess here.

You sit on a rocking chair next to me. I put my bare feet on the seat, hug my legs and put my chin on my knees.

“Where is your sweetheart?”

“She’s still under the shower.”
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