Something within – part 1: Summer rain

This image has been triggered by Brook Benton’s Rainy night in Georgia. Play the song and re-create the image I created for myself.

Hot summer night. I am sitting on a porch of a folk home built in Victorian style, enjoying the view. Vast green meadow with a big tree in the middle of it. I am sitting in my rocking chair. Rain is pouring, it is peaceful and quiet. I am exhausted.

You step onto the porch. Your hair is still wet. “You should have dried it, you dummy!” You just smile manly – “There is no wind”.

It has been such a long day. Cleaning up after your bachelor’s party wasn’t an easy task but we laughed so much. You guys really did a mess here.

You sit on a rocking chair next to me. I put my bare feet on the seat, hug my legs and put my chin on my knees.

“Where is your sweetheart?”

“She’s still under the shower.”

“Good. These are last minutes of us being like this.” I stick out my tongue and smile. We just sit like that quietly. Your hand reaches for mine. We rock in our chairs holding each others hands.

“Things wont change, you know that?”

“They will, silly, they will. Let me just enjoy these moments, please.”

You squeeze my hand tightly…re-living all the good times we had, those bad times are behind us now.

“I couldn’t have survived that without you.”

I smile – “Same here.”

Your fiancee comes out with cold lemonade for all of us. She hands us the lemonade, sits on your lap and you hug her. Sipping that lemonade, listening to the rain, having you around, chilling like this, listening to the music…

A perfect end of a hard day. Tomorrow is a new day. This moment is just the way it’s supposed to be.


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