Something within – part 5: The dream

I am sitting on a beach surrounded by friends. We are laughing a lot. Every time I am with them my tummy hurts so much. Guys decide to search the woods to use as firewood. We are going to have a beach barbecue. Girls went for a swim. We are swimming around the island. Well, we are trying to but neither of us is actually that good of a swimmer. Except maybe for Clara but she is thoughtful enough not to let it show. Girls scattered and went quiet, we are all experiencing this part of paradise for ourselves.

The water around me is still. I can hear the ocean kissing the shore. Suddenly everything is dark around me. Where am I? I can hear children playing outside. Hm..outside…that means I am inside..but where? My eyes are slowly getting accustomed to darkness and I can see windows and sun rays shining through them. I look around…this seems like a cellar. There are stairs right in front of me, doors on the top of the stairs are open. Climbing up the stairs is weird. As I am getting higher, my feet are growing heavier. By the time I reach the door, I can’t move them at all. I mean I can’t make a step forward but making a step backward is easy.
I turn my back to the door and try to make a step backward now. My feet are not moving. Making a step forward, deeper into the cellar, is easy. I turn around again, put my hands on the door frame and, as much as I can, stick my head out the door. This seems like a cozy family home. Children that I heard earlier probably live here. I shouldn’t panic, things seem under control.

As I am walking down the stairs, my head emerges from the water. I am in that ocean again. Feeling serenity of my soul everywhere around me. Guys are running over the cliffs waving at me. Some of them probably tried to look manly when they took off their sneakers but they are just looking funny limping around trying to avoid feet injuries.

By the time I got out of the water, the meat was almost done. It smells delicious. And it tastes like that. After a meal I yearned for a coconut. While I was searching for it, a green snake bit me by my ankle. It stings! By my description no one knows if it was poisonous or not, so my friend sucked out the poison from the wound – just to be safe. I even made her swallow a few drops of my blood – to be sure she got out all of the poison. She applied the mixture of sea water and sand on my ankle saying – ”This will heal up nicely!”

The night, the jungle, crickets, full tummy, close friends, cozy fire, lots of serious and less serious talk, darkness? Yeah darkness, it’s cold and damp too. I can see the moon through the window. As I look around, I realise I am in that basement again. Things are quiet now, there are no children around. I guess they are asleep. I try getting out through the door. The same problem as earlier. Let me try to climb up through the window. The closer I get to it, the weaker my arms and legs are. I want to yell for help but I am afraid of what might come to help me. I will wait until the morning.

Sun tickles my forehead and the breath of wind toys with my hair locks. Ah I am finally awake on that lake bank. Do I hear children? How did they get on the island? I open my eyes just to realise I am still in that basement. Children are outside playing as they did yesterday. I start calling them. The louder I try to be, the quieter I get. Trying to make some noise proved to be in vain too. I guess I am stuck here. I am not afraid but I do want to get out of here.

Sun woke me up again. This time it was on the lake bank. This was a weird dream. I felt the same as I did while thinking of the dark parts of the forest on this island. I better hurry up home. I really don’t want to be ouside the camp when the night comes. Funny, I called that camp a home.

The last sun rays were dancing on the horizon as I entered the camp. This time, the camp was crowded, just like it was on a first day I arrived here.


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