Something within – part 9: In the cave

I was dragged down the cave floor. When I would occasionally open my eyes, all I could see were cave’s ground and her feet. Yes, a woman was dragging me, I could tell by her feet. A part of my tummy and my whole legs were touching the ground as I was being pulled deeper into the cave. Don’t try to imagine the pain of freshly cut wounds and the friction between the warm bumpy cave’s ground and those wounds. When I was coherent I knew there are no nails underneath me. Unfortunately, those moments were short and rare.

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Something within – part 8: Liberation

Today I woke up with a desire to disappear. Sun barely got up when I put my sneakers on and started running. The more I ran, the more I felt free, liberated. I don’t know for how long I ran when I became aware of the sweat on my skin. I kept running but I didn’t watch where I was heading, all I was thinking of was that sweat on my back. A droplet formed and started sliding down my neck. All I could think of, all I could feel was that droplet. It was hot when it formed on the neck but the wind made it cold as it progressed towards my back. It tickled as its coldness touched my hot skin. You are probably expecting my skin to be bronze like all those other women’s skin but it’s not. It is as white as it always has been.

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In cabinet he hung.

He can’t even remember for how long. It seemed like a whole eternity had passed since those gentle hands had put him there. They were very attentive not to pierce him nor to make folds that would make him look like a bum’s coat. He was supposed to be a surprise for someone. But that someone didn’t come home in time for lunch. Her tears, as she was putting him in a cabinet, revealed him that that someone never made it home.

In time cabinet was moved to the attic. Dust covered it soon enough. Other stuff were disposed there too. At some point, cabinet stopped being visible from the entrance of the attic.

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E1 – The empress

I wrote this one months ago. Boney M’s Rasputin inspired me to write it so try to listen to that song while reading the story.

A cold cold county of north hemisphere had an empress. She was beautiful…not just beautiful…hmmm…her beauty was royal just like her blood.

Long blond hair with skin as white as the snow made her look fragile and every man’s first instinct was to protect her. She wasn’t fragile though. She was more like a rose with thorns well hidden behind her cheerful smile and warm eyes. Those eyes were so warm she could heat the person in those cold winter days just by looking at him or her. One would feel as the safest and the most loved person alive. She had the ability to make people comfortable no matter who, what or where they were.

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