E1 – The empress

I wrote this one months ago. Boney M’s Rasputin inspired me to write it so try to listen to that song while reading the story.

A cold cold county of north hemisphere had an empress. She was beautiful…not just beautiful…hmmm…her beauty was royal just like her blood.

Long blond hair with skin as white as the snow made her look fragile and every man’s first instinct was to protect her. She wasn’t fragile though. She was more like a rose with thorns well hidden behind her cheerful smile and warm eyes. Those eyes were so warm she could heat the person in those cold winter days just by looking at him or her. One would feel as the safest and the most loved person alive. She had the ability to make people comfortable no matter who, what or where they were.

The emperor was, among other things, famous for his diplomatic dinners. All foreign affairs and possible problems were settled during such dinners. He knew how to treat his guests. Lots of good food, alcohol and his wife’s charm would melt even the most stubborn minds. Some claimed it is emperor’s firm hand that made the county blossom but people knew better. They loved their empress and she loved them back.

Just emperor’s hand and his love for his wife preceded him. Some would even call him possessive. There were stories about his jealousy and lust for blood of the men that mistaken his wife’s courtesy for something else. Those stories were passed from one ear to another in dark privacy of homes, never in public places and always after a lot of alcohol for one needed courage to talk like that about their emperor. No one dared to confront him about the stories. He was their ruler after all. They sympathized with the empress though. Apparently she was aware of his cruelty and was horrified by the way he punished people.

That night she just came from a walk. She was wearing long white fur coat, white fur hat and of course white boots. She liked to feel the fur on her skin while listening to the sound snow made under her boots. Her cheeks were red and fit greatly to her white skin.

Guards were, as usual, in front of her bed chamber. She sent her servant to fetch hot water for her bath. While he was pouring water into the tub, she sat in the armchair toying with the lock of her hair. She was in the mood for a game and servant was aware of that. His heart was pounding and he was sweating more than usual.

When the tub was prepared, she commanded him to take off her boots. He knelt on the floor and did as he was told.

“You are free to go. Leave me!”

When she was left alone in her bedchamber, she took off her furs and entered the tub. She could feel his eyes on her. He was sure he was brilliant enough to find that hidden passage and extra thoughtful to hide there when she wasn’t looking. What he didn’t know was that she was the one that led him to that passage. This is why she was smiling while enjoying her hot bath.

She waited patiently like a panther. It’s been a long time since she played. She needed it to be perfect. Drapes that were hiding the passage rustled. Ah there it is, a sign she has been waiting for!

“Who is there? Come out at once!”

Nothing happened but she could sense his heart beating.

“Come out now or I will call the guards and they will drag you out of there!”

When he showed himself, she continued in milder tone.

“Didn’t I tell you to leave me?”

He took off his servant’s hat, hold it in front of his stomach and nodded full of fear.

“Yet you decided to stay and play didn’t you?”

Her smile encouraged him so he smiled back.

“Pass the towel please. Faster! The water is cold.”

She got out of the tub wearing her gentlest smile and wrapped a towel around her.

“Lets play then!”

He was so enchanted he didn’t even hear the door opened behind him. She started laughing. But the laughter wasn’t as gentle as he expected it to be. She stepped closer to him.

As she untied his shirt, he got the worst headache ever.

“No, not NOW!” he thought trying to get rid of the headache by pure determination of his mind. That wasn’t an ordinary headache though. One more blow set him off his feet. As he was falling, he saw red drops of blood on her beautiful face.

“What a great contrast!”, he thought, just before his eyes closed for good.

“You are as obtuse as your blade! Clean this up and sharpen that axe of yours! If you want to remain my personal guard, you need to be able to cut a man in half in one blow!”


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