Something within – part 9: In the cave

I was dragged down the cave floor. When I would occasionally open my eyes, all I could see were cave’s ground and her feet. Yes, a woman was dragging me, I could tell by her feet. A part of my tummy and my whole legs were touching the ground as I was being pulled deeper into the cave. Don’t try to imagine the pain of freshly cut wounds and the friction between the warm bumpy cave’s ground and those wounds. When I was coherent I knew there are no nails underneath me. Unfortunately, those moments were short and rare.

When she stopped and let my hands go, I think I even mumbbled “Thank you for stopping the nails.” She started rolling me on the floor. Why is she doing this? When I heard splash and felt water pouring in my mouth, I knew. I tried to dive out, to swim to the surface. I was using my whole strength to do it but evidently I didn’t move a musle. I was sinking.

When I hit the bottom, her hands pulled me up.

“Stand on your feet. I know it hurts but you have to. I cannot carry you out the lake. Lean on me. Like this. Good. Now walk. Be careful, there is a step. Good. One more. Again. Yees. Three more steps. Good girl.”

She placed me on the ground facing cave’s wall. I was laying on my left side. By small miracle I had no cuts there. I could see her dress on the floor in front of me. She laid behind me, pressed her body against mine and hugged me from behind. Her left cheek was pressed on my right cheek.

“This bath will prevent infections of the cuts.”

She peeked over my shoulder and touched on of the cuts on my tummy. It hurt even though her touch was gentle. Right before I lost consciousness I felt her breath on my neck climbing to my ear. She whispered:

“Why did you do it?”

When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t feel her body and her dress was gone.

“Ah good, you are awake. Here, drink this.”

I turned on my back and raised my head expecting a nasty taste but it was yummy. I wanted more.

“No. Only this for now.”

“Thank you for helping me.”

“Don’t thank me, it is my job.”

“To help me? What an extrodinary job – to spend a life in a cave waiting for me to drop by.”

She smiled: “I didn’t say this is my only job.”

“What are your other jobs? Who are you?”

“If you don’t know, I sure wont tell you.”

“Why are you in my cave?”

“I am not.”

“Am I imagining you?”

“Uhm, no, I am pretty real.”

“Then how can you not be here?”

“Oh I am here but this is not your cave. It is mine.”

“What about the lake and the waterfall?”

“Keep them.”

“My waterfall is hiding the entrance to your cave.”

“Yes, but that is not the only thing I am using your waterfall for.”

“What are the other things you are using it for?”

“Well think, what is the difference between you and me?”

“I am wounded, you are not.”

“Go on. Take a look at me. Now take a look at yourself. What is the difference?”

She was barefooted, dressed in a leather dress that was exposing her right shoulder.

“You are dressed, I am not.”

“Who wants to come here, has to be naked. Your waterfall forces them to either enter naked or take off their clothes as soon as they enter.”

“But you are dressed. Why aren’t you naked too?”

“My role here is not to stir readers’ imagination but to make them use their gray cells.”

“Why are women in the village topless then?”

“You tell me.”

“Breasts disarm guys.”

“See, you have the answers, you only need to ask.”

“But what about women? How do they react to naked breasts?”

“Well, you know how you reacted.”

I was admiring them and at the same time I was glad they covered them by their hair. I am not sure why though. They were also one of the hints that things on this island are not as they  are on other islands.

“If you are here to make people use they gray cells, what is my role here? I don’t want to stir people’s imagination. I mean I do, just not in that way.”

“Why did you mention soapaculation then?”

“I don’t know. I mean, I was really thinking about it every time it happened.”

“But why did you share it with others?”

“To make them giggle like teenagers giggle when in math class a solution of a math equation is 69 or when they learn about discrete mathematics or when in biology class they learn about reproduction system. Just to amuse them and me a bit. Fishing is boring you know.”

“What about that visitor that was partying with women in his cottage? Why did you mention him?”

“Because I noticed him and there was something familiar about him. He was different than other visitors.”

“Did the fact he was partying with women made him different than others or something else?”

“Everything made him different so the partying is included.”

She sat next to me to take care of my wounds. When she got up to leave, I asked her a question that needed to be asked.

“Before I lost consciousness you whispered a something in my ear.”

“Indeed I have.”

“What did you mean by it?”

“Exactly, what did I mean by it?”

I didn’t know what to answer so I closed my eyes to try to get some sleep. Thinking about what happened to me was not something I was ready to do yet. She went further into the cave to wash my blood off its ground.


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