E2 – Hunting

Background music for this story is Nick Cave’s “Red right hand”. If you get bored of it, Nick Cave’s “The weeping song” and “Fifteen feet of pure white snow” will fit too.

Her maid helped her dress. Some women like to wear a dress in every opportunity thinking dress makes them more lady like. Nobody told them that true qualities tend to protrude even from the most elegant dresses. She has been restless for a while now so this foreign official’s visit came in handy. Her husband felt her need to go hunting. He made it look like a treat to his guest but it was a token of his love. She loves the way he reads her.

It is summer so her maid packed few of her summer dresses for the dance in their hunting cottage. Those will be delivered by the carriage. Her horse, together with other horsemen and dogs, was waiting in front of the stables. She likes to keep them waiting. That makes them think she put extra effort to be astonishing just for them. The official brought his son with him. Now that was a charming young man. All her female companions giggled on the mention of his name. And when he entered the room, they would all stop talking and start adjusting their dresses. Sometimes she could literally feel the breeze girls would make by blinking by their eyelashes trying to seduce him. Oh and their laughter would melt the very heart of Siberia. He knew exactly what to do to get what he wants and, judging by the redness of Marie’s cheeks when she saw him this morning, he got what he wanted.

All the men had firearm and those funny hunting hats. Nobody told them that wearing hats doesn’t make them hunters just like holding a firearm doesn’t make them men. Her weapon was a hunting knife – this is how her father taught her to hunt and this is the way she hunted since she was 6. At first those were little rabbits caught in the trap. Later bigger pray were in order. In time, her hunting skills improved. So did her appetite for hunting.

Gentlemen allowed her to take the lead and ride next to her husband. This is when the hunt began for her. She enjoyed having a small talk with her husband. No matter what other people think, he can be gentle when he wants to. Soon she gave the place next to her husband to the foreign official. She wanted to enjoy the silence of her mind before the killing starts. As she expected, ladies’ man found his way to her. He expected her to blink like other ladies did. He expected to catch her looking at him discretely. He expected her to blush to the sound of his compliments. He was wrong. She is hunting now and when she is hunting, nothing can distract her. Of course, her position demanded her to be as polite and as charming as the circumstances allowed so she did that part of her duty. He was truly enjoying her company.

He thought she was there as her husband’s trophy. To his surprise, she told him she is hunting too. True, not the same pray as others, but still a fine specimen of predators. His laughter echoed the woods when she told him she is planning to feed her knife with wolf’s blood.

The night came suddenly. Men were pleased by the catch. Maids at the cottage were ready to prepare all that meat for hungry hunters. She retired to her quarters for a quick bath and a change of clothes. This time hunting gear was replaced by the evening gown. She chose this one because she felt like dancing and this dress was perfect for that. It was revealing exactly what she wanted and was hiding all her attributes.

Cooks made a rhapsody of tastes. All that food made her tummy smile. She loved to eat yummy stuff. Shortly after the main course was served, a servant came to her and whispered something in her ear. She excused herself from the table and went with him.

“Where is she?”

He opened the door of the maids’ chambers. A woman of 40 was crying on the bed with dress torn on the shoulder and a bloody lip. When she saw disgust on her mistress’ face, she stopped crying. Mistress left the chambers without saying a word. As the door closed behind her, the crying started again and became even louder. She looked at the servant to check if he understood her. Servant nodded and went back into the chambers. Woman finally stopped crying. Her mistress erased the memory of this incident and entered the dining room with a broad smile on her face.

Ladies’ man was now sitting on the chair she sat before she had to handle stupid incident. He wanted to be close to his dad to learn everything about foreign affairs. When her husband saw her, he walked to her and asked her for a dance. She was already in a perfect mood for dancing and her husband is a great dancer so they danced. After a few dances, her husband excused himself. He needed to attend his guest. She wasn’t left alone on the dance floor. Ladies’ man took his place. To her surprise, he was quite a dancer. He was smiling the whole time he was with her. Too bad he hid his strict face. That must be a sight to see! This smile all the girls got. She never wanted things that just anyone can have.

“So you didn’t catch the wolf.”, he whispered in her ear during the last dance.

“Haven’t I?”, she smiled and allowed their eyes to meet. For a moment there, she was sure he blushed but then the dance ended and he regained control over his thoughts. He thanked her for the dances and escorted her to her husband. She kissed her husband and retreated to her bed chamber.

In bed chamber she got ready for bed. When she heard doorknob, she quickly put on black silk robe. It was her ladies’ man. He was self confident, moving like a wolf does when he is ready to claim his pray. She allowed her robe to reveal her leg. That made him stutter “I, I came here…”  She placed her forefinger vertically next to her lips. “Hush….you came to participate in a hunt and now you want your reward.”

He smiled and stepped closer to her. She gave him her hand and he kissed it. In that moment door behind him screeched. It was her husband. His smile turned into an anger when he saw this ladies’ man in his wife’s bed chamber. He grabbed the first thing he found and stabbed him in his abdomen. She screamed a soundless scream and covered her mouth with her hands. Her husband’s hands were full of blood. Ladies’ man stepped back, hit the bed and fell on the floor. He was now sitting on the floor, trying to close the wound around the knife to stop the bleeding. Her husband turned away and was now walking around the room. She squatted next to the ladies’ man, licked her lips, grabbed her hunting knife handle with a piece of clean cloth and pulled it out of his abdomen, saying “I told you I will feed my knife with wolf’s blood.”

He was just concentrating to breathe and control the blood flow. She put the knife on the floor, turned to her husband, put her hands on his waist and turned his back to dying man. Her lips touched her husband’s lips and they kissed. His muscles started to relax. She stepped away, let her hair fall on her shoulders and her robe on the floor.

“You are still sleeping naked.” he seemed surprised.

“I have to be ready for when you enter my chamber.”

He laid on the floor and she was on top of him. She could feel his hands on her waist and lower back, blood made them slippery. Dying man was watching them. With the end of his life, empress’ hunt ended too. She kissed her husband.

“Thank you honey. Now excuse me, I have some unfinished business to attend to. Duties of a lady of the house never end.”

He retired to his bed chamber with a mixture of divine pleasure and anger in his stomach. She opened the door and said to her guards: “Let the servant clean this up and let my maid bring washbowl of warm water into my guest room.”

Maid did what she was told. The empress stepped into washbowl and commanded her maid to wash those fluids off her. Maid’s hands were cold and she enjoyed  their touch. Maid was aware of it. She liked to pleasure her mistress. This is why empress kept her for all these years.

Empress got dressed. She was wearing a gown similar to the one she wore on dinner. This gown is perfect for what she must do next. Leaving warm chambers with a sweet scent of blood and death in the air for cold dark hallways was hard but necessary.

When empress stepped into his room, he jumped off his bed with a sword in his hands. Men are curious creatures – hunting with firearm and sleeping with swords. He realized it is the empress so he clumsily tried to hide his manhood. “Yes, get dressed first.” she said and turned her head. “I heard you are quite a man. My maid told me you are able to give unfathomable pleasure to a woman. Is that true?”

He blushed: “Yes, ma’am. That is the truth.”

“Come with me then, I brought some honey. I am sure we will make use of it. Follow me but be very quiet! You can imagine how a lady of my reputation needs a discretion.”

He followed her through dark hallways into the woods. It seemed like eternity passed until she stopped. “Here, this is the place. Take off your clothes, I want to see you.”

When empress commands to undress, you do so and you better be ready for her. Fortunately, he was ready. “Lay on the ground, I want to tie you up.” Accidentally, there were four chocks on the ground just waiting for them. She took her waistband, cut it with his sward into four cuts and tied his wrists and ankles to those chocks. When she squatted next to him, he was eager for her to start. Empress opened a jar of honey and poured it from the jar over his manhood. She licked last drops of honey from the edge of the jar maintaining eye contact with him.

“Now, show this bear what a big mighty man you are.” She stood up and walked away. To the guards that were standing in the shadows of the trees she commanded: “Tell the woman she has been revenged and inform the public that the rude intruder of empress’ chambers was killed while resisting arrest.”

Grown man’s screams breached the silence of the night. Minor foreign affairs assistant will be found next morning in the woods half eaten by a bear. The empress laid her head on the pillow with a smile on her face.


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