Brain curves of software developers

Each employer was requested to take a picture of his facial expression for each of basic emotions. They got a list of emotions saying: neutral facial expression, anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise.Read More »


Something to plot about

I planned to skip this prompt, solitude is such an energy drainer. This morning though I felt the urge to get up and just get all the piled up things out in the open. It turned out that in the solitude of my toilet I evacuated most of those things so now I am sitting here not sure why I got up this early. I could’ve slept 90 minutes longer.

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Slowing me down

When we started this, you were very excited. I could see that glow in your eyes. You knew exactly what you want to do, where you want to go with me. Your eyes were full of promises. Sometimes I would even think you love me. I, myself, wasn’t sure if I love you. Pedestrians would pass us by, being amazed how a person like me can have you by my side. They were amazed by your beauty and were connecting it to your intelligence. This in turn triggered their expectation for you be obedient. You and me both knew you obey only when you see some interest in it. I mean, most of the time you don’t even understand what I am talking about. I was very proud each time a passerby would compliment you even though I knew I had nothing to do with it. Read More »

Why do they come here?

Just an ordinary day, mother and her son doing chores/playing in the house. Father is at work. When the night came, they turned off the light in the house. They mustn’t be seen so they sat behind the sofa. Now they couldn’t be seen from the window nor from the front door. The rain started to pour and a son got scared. Mum hugged him and whisperedRead More »

E7 – Victory

Try finding Tutti Frutti’s song “Ne bojim se drugova tvoga frajera” (I am not afraid of your boyfriend’s mates). It is a bit old and (not) cool in Croatia so I assume non-Croatians might not appreciate it either but hey, it did trigger this story and, to be honest, I am cool enough to have a liberty of being who I truly am all the time so I insist on you finding THAT particular song.

During the whole trip the weather has been pretty cold. They were all very grateful for that. Nobody wanted to find out what smell does a 5 days old corpse have on a warm and sunny day. It was mostly quiet cortege, Laura’s daughter stopped sobbing this morning and her husband was keeping his sorrow for himself. All of the empress’s siblings with their families where in a cortege. They wanted to escort their sister properly and to say goodbye to her on a local graveyard, where all their ancestors were buried.Read More »

E6 – Scar

Listen to Son Lux “You don’t know me”. If you grow tired of it, switch to Son Lux “Easy” (I really like the original video).

All of her siblings arrived a few days before the ball except her youngest brother. His wife sent a letter of apology. He was on a business trip and his wife didn’t want to travel alone with two small children. Namely, the trip to the empress was long and involved traveling through mountains which might be too hard for the children.Read More »

E5 – Dear Laura

While reading this story, try to listen to Cigarettes after sex “Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby”.

Dear Laura,

I had written this letter so many times and so many times I burnt it. This time it will be different because this time I am finally free. He will not hurt me anymore. Nothing is going to hurt me anymore. Not even you.
Of course, you might argue that you have never hurt me, that you were always protecting me. Even when our father decided I am at the right age to get married, you offered him a good advice – Let her heart choose her future husband. So it did. I loved him and he loved me. My fiancé was perfect in every single way. He was my love and I was his little snowberry. One soul in two bodies. God, I used to giggle when I would hear something as tacky as this.
Something went wrong though and you knew it. What you didn’t know is that I saw you at the box stall door in a horse stable that evening. You were looking at us, looking at me, disapproving. My dress was lifted above my waist. You saw my tears but you didn’t stop him.  You may say it was dark so tears weren’t visible. You may even say you heard moans so you thought I wanted it. My sweet Laura, you also heard I said “No!” and you knew only one person there was moaning. All I could hear was his moaning and horses’ laughing. You did nothing. When he was done, I smiled, kissed him goodnight and went to my room.Read More »