Toys somebody else has

This is a story about my child but it is also a story for my child. Making a story from something seemingly insignificant and helping him to think about the ways of solving everyday problem(s) is something I really enjoy doing.

Once upon a time parents got a child. They loved him more than anything in the world. This child was growing and becoming more and more handy in dealing with adults. One dark night, when he was almost 4, his parents made him polish his little boots. Those parents polished their boots too. This child, like all other children, remembered well what happened last time he polished his boots. Last time saint Nikola brought him yummy chocolates and a small toy. This year cannot be different.
Trying to make his parents polish his boots turned into a failure. That didn’t make him lose his spirit, he polished those boots the best way he knew how, even his socks and pants participated in the polishing. Once everything was ready, they put 3 pairs of boots in the hallway.
In the morning, dad got some candies and chocolates, child got chocolates, candies, a golden switch and a black rubber dragon. It was a very powerful dragon that was also veeeeery scary. Mother got juices, a golden switch and a two headed dragon that was pretty similar to a character in dota named Jakiro. Mother was delighted and wanted to take this dragon to her office to make it more pleasant and cozy. A child had a question, a very serious question.
“Why did we get switches, mum and me?”
“Because you two always argue about something. This is a warning for you two to stop arguing.”
Once that problem was solved, another one appeared. Apparently, mum’s red rubber dragon was way more fun to play with than his black one because mum’s dragon can fire imaginary ice from one head and imaginary fire from the other. A wise child, like all other children are, solved a problem so he can be happy.
He arranged with his mother to get a lifetime clearance to play with her dragon whenever he wants to. After that, he borrowed the dragon indefinitely. Twin headed dragon can still be found in his toy box together with rubber Olaf his mother got 6 months later. Both of them were borrowed to him.
When child’s mother got Olaf’s mug this Easter, child tried to borrow it too. This time, mother was lucky because mug is not something that can be kept in a toy box. Since mug wasn’t visible to the child for a few days, child forgot about it and mum was allowed to keep the mug only for herself while feeling guilty for not borrowing this cute mug to the son she loves so much. She would feel much better if she did because she enjoys to see a smile on her son’s face much more than she enjoys in owning those toys she got.

Now a question for a child: This kid wanted to have something that wasn’t his. How would you solve the problem this kid had? What do you think, was mother happy to see her son playing with her toys? Would you borrow your toy to someone the way that mother borrowed her toys to her son? Why did that mother do that?

Prompt: borrowed


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