Why do they come here?

Just an ordinary day, mother and her son doing chores/playing in the house. Father is at work. When the night came, they turned off the light in the house. They mustn’t be seen so they sat behind the sofa. Now they couldn’t be seen from the window nor from the front door. The rain started to pour and a son got scared. Mum hugged him and whispered

“Everything is going to be fine…it is just a little bit of rain…a water…you like to play with water, don’t you? And tomorrow you will put on your boots and jump up and down the muddy puddle.”

Child smiled but was still hugging his mum tight. They heard men approaching their home. They were in a good mood, laughing. It was obvious they had been drinking. Child wanted to start crying but his mother didn’t let him. He knew he mustn’t be heard. The door wasn’t locked. It was no use in locking the door anymore, they were already here. One of them touched the doorknob and the door opened. They stopped laughing and started to listen. All they could here was silence.

On this side of the globe a mother and a son jumped from behind the sofa and yelled

“Surprise!!! Happy birthday!”

Dad went to them and hugged them, smiling…they managed to surprise him again. His friends joined them for dinner. On this side of the globe, a mother kissed her husband and whispered: “Why didn’t you come sooner?”

On the other side of the globe a mother and a son were still behind that sofa. Child’s lips form a silent question

“Why did they come here?”,

while praying they wont be found. It was in vain, those men found them and turned them into slaves.

On this side of the globe, instead of asking “Why do they come here?”, people should ask “Why didn’t they come sooner?” They would be safe.

Prompt: whisper


2 thoughts on “Why do they come here?

    • You also made a statement that can be (mis)interpreted in various ways. 🙂 Now I am contemplating in which way was it meant to be interpreted. I am quite sure people will interpret it according to their own (political) views.


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