Slowing me down

When we started this, you were very excited. I could see that glow in your eyes. You knew exactly what you want to do, where you want to go with me. Your eyes were full of promises. Sometimes I would even think you love me. I, myself, wasn’t sure if I love you. Pedestrians would pass us by, being amazed how a person like me can have you by my side. They were amazed by your beauty and were connecting it to your intelligence. This in turn triggered their expectation for you be obedient. You and me both knew you obey only when you see some interest in it. I mean, most of the time you don’t even understand what I am talking about. I was very proud each time a passerby would compliment you even though I knew I had nothing to do with it. 
I decided I cannot trust you, I figured, if I didn’t chain you, you wouldn’t be safe. So what did I do? I chained you, turned the music I really like on and started to run. We passed a few crossroads and you were always running in direction I chose. I wasn’t sure if the chain made you do it or this was your own free will. To be honest, I didn’t care. I was doing something good for you.
In time, instead of running beside me, you started to run behind me. It was OK for me because the chain was long enough and you didn’t interfere with my pace. Somewhere in the fields you finally stopped. I jerked the chain without looking back. You made a few steps forward and stopped again.

“Why are you always slowing me down? Why can’t you just keep my pace? Don’t you know how important this is for me? You always think only about yourself!”

You didn’t answer but I didn’t expect you to. Even if you did listen, I am sure you didn’t understand me. I turned my head and saw you right there, squatting on the grass, barely breathing. It was hard for you to run just as it was for me. Still, you are slowing me down and I can’t have that. I can’t leave you here either. I don’t want to leave you here.

“Come on, lets go!”

You just squatted there with sadness in your eyes. You felt like you betrayed me. I thought the same thing. My faithful companion suddenly refused to follow me. Then I saw it, my dog just needed to poop.

Prompt: crossroads


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