Something in the way

This story will be put among bedtime stories for my son. Don’t be fooled by that label though, those older than 5 might learn something too.

Somewhere near, but surely far enough from here, lived two people, a boy and a girl. Other people lived there too of course, but this story will be about that girl and that boy. There, in that country, people wore masks all the time. You may ask,
“Even in the toilet? Even when they sleep? Even with their parents?”
“Yes, all the time.”
“Surely not when they sleep.”
“They wore a special night masks even then.”
Some of them were colorful, some of them were black, some of them were plain, some of them were richly ornamented. Some people changed their masks often, some rarely. Now you may wonder why did they wear masks? If you asked any of them, they would say it is because everybody everywhere wore masks.

See, they were doing it not because they wanted to but because all other people were doing it. They didn’t even ask themselves why they are doing it.

Lets get back to those two people, a girl and a boy. They met and started to talk. They went to the movies and then talked some more. The girl liked the boy and the boy liked the girl. In time they learned they love each other. The girl decided she needs a new mask. She wasn’t sure which mask so she went through all the stores in the city. She found some really beautiful masks, masks that she would normally gladly wear. She decided to order a new mask from a sorcerer. It was a very expensive mask but her boyfriend was worth it. She spent all the money she had and even took a loan in the bank to buy it.

Her new mask was almost transparent. She was afraid her boyfriend wouldn’t like that mask but she was willing to take a risk. That day the plan was to go for a walk with him. As soon as she saw him, he told her he has a surprise for her. He bought a new mask. She was thrilled. They agreed to put their new masks on at the same time. Girl closed her eyes. So did the boy. And they put their new masks on. When they opened their eyes, they realized both of them bought transparent masks.

Masks they wore were different, new to them but they liked what they saw. He took her hand in his, pulled her closer and hugged her. She hugged him back but their masks collided. That scared them but they loved each other very much and they didn’t let that collision interfere with their happiness. She then tried to kiss his cheek but she couldn’t reach it because her mask didn’t let her. He tried to kiss her cheek too but couldn’t reach it either. They couldn’t show their love to each other because each time they tried, their masks would get in the way.

In your opinion, how could they solve their problem? How could they kiss each other? How about you, have you ever wore a mask like those people did?

Do you remember that girl in your kindergarten – the one that told on you to your teacher? She told her that you were drawing circles when the assignment was to draw a square. You told me you don’t like her. For many months you were telling me you don’t like her and then one day she gave you a compliment. She liked a toy you brought to kindergarten. You came home telling me that u fell in love with her. Is it possible that all that time you were telling me you dislike her, you actually wore a mask? Maybe you were telling to yourself you dislike her because you thought she dislikes you. What about you falling in love with her? Do you think you fell in love with her because you thought she likes you? This is a form of wearing a mask – you decided what mask to wear according to emotions she showed you. Can you think of another example?

Prompt: mask



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