If life gives you poop, just unroll the toilet paper

This one is a story for my son inspired by situations in the life of grown ups which, sadly, most of us encountered. You might recognize yourself or somebody dear to you in it.

A little girl wanted to play so she managed to find a place where children were put in a group to play together. Grown up there was impressed by her so he decided to squeeze her in even though there was no more place for new kids. Children there all wanted to have fun but couldn’t think of what to do. Finally, one boy suggested they should play with scissors and some glue. All the children ran home to fetch things they needed for their little project.

Each child was building something. Boy was building a robot. Little girl was still deciding what to build so the boy suggested she could build a castle using a similar technique he uses to build his robot. She agreed,

“That is a splendid idea!”

Boy didn’t anticipate how much material was needed to build a proper castle. Little girl was gathering old cardboard boxes from cereals, some medications, teas, rice and not only from her home but she also got them from some of her neighbors.

If you have all the material you need, building a castle is not that hard once you figure out how to do it. She had everything except something round for a tower. She wanted a round tower to make her vision of that castle work. Sometimes, sacrifices has to be made in order to make something in your life. Little girl ran into the bathroom and unrolled toilet paper to get a cardboard shaped exactly the way she imagined it. This was that last piece that completed the castle. Girl was pretty proud of herself.

A grown up came up with the idea to take those projects to school. Boy’s robot was perfect but not strong enough to survive transportation to school so this grown up solved his problem. He took a castle from a little girl saying the boy will present this work as his and say she helped him make it. Little girl was strongly against it. Boy said:

“It was my idea to play with scissors and glue, I told you to build a castle. If it wasn’t for my idea, you wouldn’t build such a beautiful castle.”

“But I did all the work, I designed the castle, gathered the material and make it like it is. You can come with me to school, we can say I built the castle and that you helped me.”

A grown up said:

“Little girl, you were never meant to take public credits for what you do, remember, I squeezed you into this group. You know this boy is trying to get better grades. He will go there and take credits for it. If you think this might hurt you, we wont take any projects to school at all.”

Both boy and a grown up were bigger than the little girl and she wanted people to know what she did so she decided to allow this boy to take the credit. Little girl felt really bad about it.

“Excellent! Tomorrow you will play more…see what a great team you two make!”, grown up was thrilled.

“This is not right, they shouldn’t had put me in the situation to sacrifice my dignity for the sake of this boy’s success. In order for him to succeed, he needs to make better robots or be wiser when choosing his projects.”, little girl thought while she was pooping in the privacy of the bathroom in her home, “I wont go there to play tomorrow. They will find somebody else but that somebody else wont be me. Hmmm…if I stop going there, I will not have anyone to play with. Maybe I should stay there until I find a better place….”

“No, I wont! I am a smart girl and in time I will find some other place to play in. Even being home alone is better than that place and those people.”, she told herself, unrolled some toilet paper and wiped her behind.

Mouse, how would you solve this girl’s and boy’s problem?

Prompt: sacrifice


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