The power of logic

Listen to Dubioza kolektiv’s “Free.mp3 (The pirate bay song)”. I like them a lot.

Some people decide not to have mouses in their lives, some consider them a blessing, some are raising them by the book, some are playing by the ear.

No matter how proud mouse keeper you are, I bet you underestimate them.


For understanding next situation, it would be useful to know a bit of Croatian language – just a tad, I promise! Pljusnuti translated to English means to slap somebody’s face, and pljunuti means to spit. It seems similar and it sounds very similar but there is quite a difference.


Teaching children to use logic from the earliest age is natural to two mathematicians. Repeating “Practice your brain as well as your muscles!” or “See, this problem cannot be solved by muscles, you need to use brain for this.” to a child gives results. Just, sometimes, one is not prepared for them. Never underestimate the power of logic!


Prompt: underestimate


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