In our own skins

Peggy Lee’s “Fever”

Countries we find exotic are usually much different than a country(ies) of our origin(s) be it in culture, fashion, furniture, way of living. When we travel to such country, sometimes (if not always), we want to experience how it feels like to be the authentic citizen of that country. We end up trying food we wouldn’t eat at home, buying souvenirs we wouldn’t buy at home, doing things we wouldn’t do at home, not because we can’t find any of those at home but because when we are at home, we adapt our pace of life to living there. We don’t mind being called and treated like tourists in a foreign country because that is exactly what we are there.

None of us considers him or herself a tourist in our own countries. Yet, this is exactly what we are and this is exactly what featured image is illustrating. Ignore the suitcase and focus high heels. Notice something strange?

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Exploiting because we can

Listen to “Empty” by Garbage.

While studying math, after each passed exam, I’d feel empty. This emptiness was positive – after all the effort I made, I enjoyed the fruits of my success. This is why I decided to pursue a PhD – the addiction to that emptiness after passing the exam was too strong.

Emptiness takes on many forms. Whereas some of them are considered a blessing, the others are considered a curse.


We are curious creatures, milking everything and everyone not because we need it but because we can. Even when things or people around us are empty, we try to squeeze out of them just a tad more.

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E 10 – Owning

Listen to Regina Spektor “Fidelity”, try to find the version from Vintage Cafe Trilogy – The perfect blend.

Empress woke up in the mud. Fog was hoovering over the river bank. This was a cold dawn, no sun in sight. She was shivering. When empress saw him, she mumbled,

“It’s you! Great! Come closer, help me get on your back and carry me into the forest, I am not safe here.”

He obeyed her. Once she was on his back, she put her legs around his waist and embraced his shoulders. He laughed, his cousin’s sweet little daughter liked to make him carry her like this. She was the only one he knew with a bright color around her personality. It was because she was honest and her mind was not corrupted by toxins other people usually produce, he figured. When she heard him laugh, empress whispered something in his ear. Those weren’t clear words but, judging by the tone of her voice, they were meant to calm him down. She even padded him on his chest.

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Mist rising above the fishery

One morning on my way to work, I noticed mist rising above fishery. We stopped because I wanted to take a picture of this perfection. We never did anything like that before. Maybe I am finally letting the sunshine in and noticing the beauty in this world. The first picture I took shows true perfection.


Other pictures I took were violated either by trash or buildings I couldn’t avoid.

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Two forms of coexistence

“I’m always here”, Jimi Jamison (yes…try to remember the times when Baywatch was playing on TV…not the show itself…just the way we used to think back then)

I have walked this path often and yet not enough. This morning I noticed this:


One might think that I noticed this cute little tree in the middle of the glade but the tree that caught my eye is in the background of the picture, to the right of the cute little tree. It is the tree with bare branches. Why did I put cute little tree in the focus then? Cute little things in life tend to get more attention than seemingly lifeless things. Yet, we all seek someone with whom our soul can be leafless. Also, the access to someone’s bare soul is far more valuable than all the leaves that obstruct the view. Still, we like to put some leaves on, it makes it easier for us to coexist with other wolves. Homo homini lupus est.

We use leaves to protect ourselves but it seems it is up to nature to worry about its coexistence with people.

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S3 – Hope for tomorrow

ABBA “Chiquitita”

BAREly living
WitHout a waY out

all I WAnt is to survive
to stop KEeping UP appearances
to Fly oveR the clOuds
to claim My star in the NIGHT sky
to ride a wild MARE on vast meadows

only PAtIeNce LEFT
allow me to STILL hope
maybe I will Smile tomORROW

Daily prompt: Struggle

Afraid of THE monster

Bobby McFerrin “Don’t worry, be happy”

One would expect that teenage years are the years in which we, as children, have the most problems. Now that I am a mother that is still pretty far away from my mouse’s teenage years, I can say that so far almost each week (maybe even day) had its own problems we needed to learn how to deal with.

The art of coping with problems of our adulthood has its origins in our childhood. The key is in being able to see the problems as what they truly are. One approach might be to dissect them into smaller problems, simplify them and solve those little problems. A few small problems’ solutions might actually give the right solution to the original problem. The trick is not to simplify things too much and to keep in mind the bigger picture. Also, sometimes we need to let our heart speak. Not this time though. In what I will write about today, we need rationalization.

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My math can make me feel this way?

The Temptations “My girl”.

A few years ago I was trying to climb up my math mountain and was enjoying this song in my own arrangement.

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day.
When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May.

I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
My math (my math, my math)
Talkin’ ’bout my math (my math).

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Rage mode more powerful than Hulk’s

Listen to Boney M’s “Brown girl in the ring”.

To a child, a world of grown ups may seem much scarier than to an adult (even though to adults it can seem pretty scary too). Also, a child tends to accept as normal the behavior he or she grew up surrounded with. Children tend to idolize their parents often justifying parents’ mistakes because it is easier to justify it than to acknowledge that his or her parents aren’t perfect. Later in life this can become quite a burden and a child that is now a grown up has to learn to deal with the fact his or her parents are far from being perfect.

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