Two forms of coexistence

“I’m always here”, Jimi Jamison (yes…try to remember the times when Baywatch was playing on TV…not the show itself…just the way we used to think back then)

I have walked this path often and yet not enough. This morning I noticed this:


One might think that I noticed this cute little tree in the middle of the glade but the tree that caught my eye is in the background of the picture, to the right of the cute little tree. It is the tree with bare branches. Why did I put cute little tree in the focus then? Cute little things in life tend to get more attention than seemingly lifeless things. Yet, we all seek someone with whom our soul can be leafless. Also, the access to someone’s bare soul is far more valuable than all the leaves that obstruct the view. Still, we like to put some leaves on, it makes it easier for us to coexist with other wolves. Homo homini lupus est.

We use leaves to protect ourselves but it seems it is up to nature to worry about its coexistence with people.

Sneakers soaked by dew, fresh air, the dog and traces of cities and towns to maim the view.





Prompt: city


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