Mist rising above the fishery

One morning on my way to work, I noticed mist rising above fishery. We stopped because I wanted to take a picture of this perfection. We never did anything like that before. Maybe I am finally letting the sunshine in and noticing the beauty in this world. The first picture I took shows true perfection.


Other pictures I took were violated either by trash or buildings I couldn’t avoid.


Sometimes we enjoy the beauty so much that we fail to see something is wrong with the picture. We can help put that wrong to right but are focusing the wrong thing by letting the perfection of the moment or the person to captivate us. Sometimes we do not notice  there is something plastic about the very thing we are admiring to.


Sometimes old stuff made by human hand in the moment of perfection ruin the view and sometimes they are complementing it. This depends on the eye of the beholder.


Just by making a few steps to the side, we might see the same thing in a completely different light. Do you like your lake better with or without mist?

In the picture of our minds sometimes a rear view mirror jumps in. It is for us to decide whether we will use it or not. When the thing that enchants us is just too far away and other things crowed our minds, we might try to zoom into that perfection that attracts us.

The image might not be as clear as we wanted but our mind will still see the beauty in it and this is all we can do – enjoy the beauty even if it is so out of our reach that it blurs the sight.

Prompt: perfection


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