Came home from work.
Finished nutella (I ate it using spoon because I am not eating flour – flour is not healthy).
Ate a bit of ice cream (chocolate-orange). OK, maybe a tad more than a bit.
Drank a glass of Pepsi (or two, OK, not more than three – probably).
Ate a few PEZ candies (two packs down, 4 to go – they were standing in my cupboard for more than 6 months!!! Mouse obviously wont eat them in time! This is me doing us a favor).
Made plans with my girls to go for a cake next week.

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This picture was taken on Monday (July 11th 2016) on my way from work so the pile isn’t fresh. In the morning when I came to work, it was fresh with a fly flying around it (oh, btw, if a fly is flying, is a bird birding? think about it). During lunch I mentioned the pile to my colleagues. I was wondering whose pile is it and how could anyone (dog? human being?) be so precise without injuring his a*s on the wall. They are accustomed to me and my mind so they even tried to provide me with an answer. One theory was that it is dog’s and since we were eating, one theory was enough even for me. After work I took the pic and sent it to the only female colleague that had had lunch with us that day. She agreed it was a dog, a well mannered dog because the odds of one stepping into it would involve some pretty mystique circumstances.

I had the urge to write about this because I still cannot comprehend how can anyone make that pile without injuring himself. And no, the pile wasn’t made somewhere else and dumped there because I saw it when it was fresh. Someone would left some stains around it. I deleted the pile pic from my phone by accident so I had to ask my colleague if she kept it.

“Thank god she kept it for these three days!”, I can hear you say. Indeed, it is great to have somebody in our lives who is saving our sh*t. Literally. I told her that too because I wanted to let her know how much I appreciate her. Also, I made it clear that me asking for a pic is NOT an invitation to her to ask me why I need it. Again, it is great to have somebody in our lives that is able to deliver sh*t she had been saving, on command, without asking about petty details. Now, allow me to connect this pile of sh*t (Am I talking about my post or the pic? One will never know…) to today’s prompt.Read More »


My 5 year old mouse and me. In the car. On our way to dentist. Radio is playing. News are about this year’s tourist season. I am listening to it with one half of my brain. Suddenly, mouse wants to know something.

“What is this lady talking about mum?”
“She is talking about tourists, a lot of them came to Croatia this summer and many more are about to come.”
“Tourists came? Why did they come mum?”
“Well, they work hard the rest of the year so in the summer they want to get some rest.”
“But why do they come to Croatia?”
“You were at the seaside and you enjoyed it, right?”
“Just like you, they too like our seaside and they come here to have fun and relax.”

He was still very concentrated on the topic. I found the topic quite boring. Finally, he asked,

“But, mum, why do they want to kill Croatia?”

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A hole in the ground

Disturbed’s “The sound of silence”

People are like wells, some deep, some shallow, some full of water, some dry. Each and every well contributes to its environment, be it as a provider of water, charm, good fortune or just spookiness. The problem is when, instead of being a well, you turn into a deep (wet or dry) hole in the ground. From the bottom of yourself you are staring at the source of light during the day. That source of light doesn’t give you warmth because you are just too far away from it, between you and the light there are light years of nothing. We can call it emptiness, if you find nothing hard to imagine. The light doesn’t do much for you. Actually, it makes things harder since it reminds you of what you used to be and somehow forces you to continue to behave like a well even though you know you are merely a hole in the ground. The night brings darkness which gives you peace. Absence of light hides those light years of emptiness. You sleep and this is when you get some rest from being a hole in the ground. Sometimes, even during the day, you close your eyes trying to fall asleep. If you are lucky enough, you fall asleep and the night time comes faster. If not, you remain staring into nothing until the night comes.

Yet, even like that, you actually have a positive impact on people in your life. They might be turning to you because they feel you are helping them blossom, bring some unusual colors in their lives or because you have always been there for them. They cannot imagine that you see yourself as a hole in the ground let alone be able to understand how you feel as such. Lets see how the theory fits the practice. Here are two examples of how people in depression function in real life.


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