My 5 year old mouse and me. In the car. On our way to dentist. Radio is playing. News are about this year’s tourist season. I am listening to it with one half of my brain. Suddenly, mouse wants to know something.

“What is this lady talking about mum?”
“She is talking about tourists, a lot of them came to Croatia this summer and many more are about to come.”
“Tourists came? Why did they come mum?”
“Well, they work hard the rest of the year so in the summer they want to get some rest.”
“But why do they come to Croatia?”
“You were at the seaside and you enjoyed it, right?”
“Just like you, they too like our seaside and they come here to have fun and relax.”

He was still very concentrated on the topic. I found the topic quite boring. Finally, he asked,

“But, mum, why do they want to kill Croatia?”

This is when the light bulb in my mind went on.

“They are talking about tourists, not about terrorists. Tourists come to Croatia to enjoy and terrorist are killing people.”
“Ahaaaa, those with rists are bad guys and those without rists are good guys.”
“Yes. Do you know what a tourist is?”
I explained the term the best I could.

There is something wrong with the world where a child is worried about terrorists. False ideas, false democracies, false tendencies to improve the world, lies we are told, truth that is hidden in plain sight. We are sheep. They feed us with grass, make money on the wool we produce and occasionally clean our poop. When we want more, they give us sport competitions or some insignificant minor political affairs to keep our minds busy. This is enough for the sheep. Baaaa!

Prompt: False


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