Came home from work.
Finished nutella (I ate it using spoon because I am not eating flour – flour is not healthy).
Ate a bit of ice cream (chocolate-orange). OK, maybe a tad more than a bit.
Drank a glass of Pepsi (or two, OK, not more than three – probably).
Ate a few PEZ candies (two packs down, 4 to go – they were standing in my cupboard for more than 6 months!!! Mouse obviously wont eat them in time! This is me doing us a favor).
Made plans with my girls to go for a cake next week.

Sat in front of my PC with a plan to do some programming.
Deleted something important by accident.
Decided I need to do it all from scratches now.
Concluded I am too tired for that sh*t and went to bed.
I am well rested now and eager to delete something else by accident. Wish me luck 🙂

Oh, if I publicly write that I might go running tonight, will the chances of me actually doing it increase? Lets find out!

Prompt: Feast


2 thoughts on “Hamster-girl

    • Well, I recently started eating sugar after 6 years of not eating it so I am using my girls’ enthusiasm 🙂 I trained my girls well. One day my husband came to their home with me and saw how much I eat there. Later he asked me how come I wasn’t embarrassed. I said, you need to train your friends well – when I am there I eat much, when they are here, they get into my fridge and take what they want – no need to serve them. I did it as a student and now I am a proud owner of best mannered self-serving friends in the whole world. ❤ (that or I am just a poor host)

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