A blunder

would you cry


would there be something you regret
before you forget
you ever knew


would you see


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But I will.

Are you setting or rising?
Is it time to wake up?
Or time to close my eyes?
Do I get to choose?

Where did that zing go?

I hope you can.
I can’t.

Daily prompt: Zing

E11 – Patience

Brian Hyland’s “Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini”

It was a sunny day and I decided to let her out. Her best friend came along. They wanted to swim in the lake but it was too soon. Spring sun cannot heat the water  up enough for them to go swimming. I hid myself from her, wanted to give her some privacy. Luna made her laugh. Rarely something makes me smile as a sound of her giggles.

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