to you

to you
that read this poem to find yourself in it
to you
that want to react
and to you
that dont give a sh*t,
this one is for me, not you
so go away, dont waste your time
go, i say, shoo

to you
that considered my mind eerie
to you
that called me morbid
in front of the whole class,
you are not the worst teacher i had
but, darling, you are far from the best

to you
that asked a 59-kilos teenage girl
“aren’t you too heavy to ride a horse”
i tell you, my gym teacher dear,
“you may had failed to make me feel fat,
but your intention to do so makes you the worst”
even then i saw your insecurity,
that’s what bothered you
you may lie to yourself
but you will always be a fool

to you
that kept on hugging
your son and other daughter too
to you
that comforted them when needed
but failed to hug your eldest, me
answer please,
was it ’cause you saw the strength in me
or because i was worthless to you

to you
that loved me the best way you knew
but it was not enough
to you
that hurt me and regret it,
don’t worry, i hurt myself
much more than you

to you
that want to hug me
but i am now too far
to you
that want to un-break me
i think i was like this
from the very start

to you
that dont ask “how are you now, are you ok?”
to you,
my friend, that see me as a warrior,
do not feel bad
crying little girl’s eyes
in a dark corner of the room,
could not bare your flash light
that’s why she is quiet
each time you pass by

to you,
my son, that sleep near me,
as we visited your aunt,
to you,
that asked me why bed shook
as i exhaled a shaking breath
to you,
my light, i only say “i am tired”
and that’s the biggest truth
i hope you will fall asleep
not noticing the pillow’s wet
’cause i’ll have to lie to you

to you
that are puzzled by
me blowing my nose in a dirty shirt
to you
i say i hide my tears,
that’s whole their worth

and finally,
to you,
dear bi*ch in me,
that demands better rhythm and rhymes,
i wish your voice was not here
i wish i did not give a sh*t

daily prompt: eerie





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