Keep out of reach of children

“Mum, you are not listening to me! It makes me feel unimportant!”, my 5.5 yo mouse complained.
“I am listening to you. I was in the middle of answering your last question when you started to ask the next one.”
“When you do not listen, I feel unimportant. Even TV says I am not important!”
“What? TV? How?”“That shampoo commercial…they say Keep out of reach of children. They do not write it mum, they actually SAY IT OUT LOUD so we can hear them!”
“Oh, my love, they are not saying that because children are not important, they are saying it to protect children from swallowing it.”
“Don’t be ridiculous mum, what child would swallow that?!”
“Oh, it’s the truth, kids think that it tastes the same way it smells – yummy – but that is not the case. It has horrible taste and if one drinks it, he may die.”

I got tempted to tell him that each of us is unimportant to the industries that make money on our consumerism. We are even insignificant to them. The only people we are truly important to are the ones that love us unconditionally and those from our immediate surrounding that think they can use us for their agenda. I bit my tongue though.


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