E13 – Not your battle

Listen to Alisa’s “Sanja”:

Nemoj Sanja da se menjas –  Do not change Sanja
da se stidis lazi – do not be ashamed of lies
najlepsa si kakva jesi – you are the most beautiful the way you are
ne dozvoli da te iko kvari – do not allow anyone to taint you

She asked for some whores that are able to give pleasure in unusual ways.
“All whores can do that, sir, ugh, ma’am.”, said the Inn keeper.
“Not to me, not the thrill I seek for.”, she said as she put another bill in his hand. This was the language the Inn keeper loved and understood well. He offered her light dinner.
“Whore keeper will come soon.”

He was right, by the time she finished her dinner, the whore keeper arrived. The Inn keeper must had told him about her since the whore keeper was trying his best to be as smooth as he can. He was not sure either if she is a man or a woman and that amused her. She took him to her room and locked the door behind them. As a good host, she offered him to sit on a chair and of course something to drink. He did not reject it.
“Truth be told, I was not seeking for your whores.”
He liked the way she played the game so he allowed his smile to show her how much he enjoyed in their communication. The more he communicated with her, the more he was sure she was a woman. The way she looked at him was the same way women looked at him ever since he was old enough to understand what the thing in his briefs is for.
“What did you seek for then?”
“The Inn keeper told you, I am sure.”
“Yes, you asked for some unusual pleasure and for some reason you think I might have what you asked for.”
“Oh, I know you have it. The question is are you willing to give it to me or I will have to use the force.”
He got up and moved closer to her.
“Well, ma’am, what I offer has a price.”
“What I want from you is priceless.”
“I’ve been called all sorts of names and priceless is not one them, ma’am.”
“Hm…it seems”, she took off her hat and allowed him to see her boyish haircut, “that women you were with did not show you their appreciation.”
“It seems, yes.”, his eyes were following her hand. Its movements were elegant and long, almost slow-motion-like. Her deep lake colored eyes were observing his face.
He made one step forward and untied her waist ribbon. Her robes opened just enough to reveal the line between her breasts, the navel and only to hint the valley under it.
Now her smile revealed him how much she enjoyed the game. She took off his shirt, stood behind him, took some ointment with a spoon and put it on the back of his neck. He liked the coldness of the spoon and textures of the ointment. She slid the spoon down his spine to his breeches. Empress let the spoon hit the floor, slipped out of her slippers and laid on the bed. She bent her right leg in the knee and waited for him.
The whore keeper took off his shoes and undressed the rest of his clothes. He was ready to take her and was showing it proudly to her. To impress an empress, this was what people often wanted to do. Even though he did not know who she truly was, this man was no exception. She felt his hand on her body and shivered. He took it as a sign to proceed. She closed her eyes for a few seconds. When she opened them, he was already under her navel. Empress pulled his hair, “No foreplay.”
He stopped, obedient as a dog. For men are dogs. She shivered again as he penetrated her. “You like it, don’t you?”, he stated.
She waited until he immersed into his own pleasure before she continued with her plan. Her hand grabbed the knife she secured along the outer side edge of her bed. She held the knife above the middle of his back. As he was increasing the pace, his movements became wilder and the knife made a cut all the way to his breech. Her hand moved above the back of his neck when he came closer to her lips to kiss her. As he was straightening, another cut was made on the back of his neck. He jerked her hand and the cut from his neck went between his shoulders only to meet the beginning of the first cut. Her free hand touched his wound from the neck to his breech. Now her hunger woke up. She started to move her pelvis and squeeze his ass cheeks. The hand with the knife was resting on his lower back.
“Poor guy doesn’t feel a thing.”
“What are you doing here, it is past your bedtime.”
“You shouldn’t had done that.”
“Yes I did, he deserves it. He is from…”
“Yes, I know. Still, you cannot fight everyone’s battles.”
“I can and am fighting this battle. If I wont, nobody will.”
He wanted to feel her lips on his again. Kisses of this woman were the sweetest thing he tasted after a long time.
“You are right, he should die. Not by your hand though. Not him nor others.”
“Neither of them died by my hand. I did not touch them. Even this bugger cut his own self open, not me.”
“You are well aware of your responsibility.”
“No, I am well aware of my merit. All people want is to f**k one’s mind, soul and/or body. They take puzzle pieces they need to complete themselves and leave those that do not fit them.”
He leaned again to kiss her. Blood from his neck flowed into her mouth. Now, this is the taste I like. He, on the other hand, did not like it.
“What the hell?”
“No, don’t stop.”, empress moaned.
He tried to get off of her but she held him tight. He was still on top of her, still in her. Lower head was always the more stupid one. One blow to her chest made her breathless for a few seconds. This was enough for him to realize she held a knife in her hand.
“Stop it!”
He struggled to take it from her but she knew most of the tricks in the book. It was easy for her to avoid his blows.
“Shut up little girl, can’t you see I am fighting here for our life? For your life?!”
“You call this life? I never wanted to become this. I never wanted to remain a child. I had plans for my future, it was bright. In that future I was happy.”
He managed to wrest a knife from her.
“Hush little girl shh, we will talk about this later, let me finish this please.”
But it was too late, he already pushed it straight to her heart and passed out.
“Are you there?”
“Yes, my baby, I am. Come into my arms, let me hold you.”
“I always liked to sit in your lap. Your arms around me make me feel safe. I…I am sorry for this. I …killed us.”
“No, honey, no. Our soul died years ago. We never learnt how to live, we never had the chance.”
Next evening, after the Inn keeper had broken into our room, he found our dead body, the whore keeper’s dead body on us and the knife in us.

We had no funeral, they threw our body in some pit where they usually throw bodies of dead animals. The Inn keeper did not want to have any troubles with the officials. Apparently, he did not want to waste a bed sheet on us either.
The whore keeper’s body was found in some street, fully dressed and stabbed with our knife. Officials concluded that some robbery went wrong. He had a funeral. The priest prayed for his soul and they granted him a privacy by burying him in his very own grave.


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