Her shiny medals

Darko Domijan’s “Ulica jorgovana”

a scent on a pillow
a memory of non-rotten happiness
a promise that life is good
it’s been so long since she was there
how is it possible to still feel her in your nostrils

her front chambers are so sweet
so hard to resist them
you want, no, you need to know what is in the next chamber

she takes you by the hand
and leads you
this is her medal for being smart-ass
her medal for being caring
her medal for being strong
her medal for seeing things other people do not
her medal for making you laugh
her medal for seeing the real you
and one for loving the real you
her medal for anticipating what you need
her medal for making you happy
her medal for having analytical mind
her medal for not knowing how to handle emotions
her medal for being all that you need
hidden doors
no, those are not doors
nobody goes through them
it is a wall
come, take a look at others
this is her medal for being patient
her medal for being devoted
her medal for being overprotective
yes, i agree, this one doesn’t glow as much as others
her medal for being attentive
her warrior medal
her lady medal is under this cloth
she often hides the lady in her
her medal for healing kisses
her medal for the voice of reason
her medal for kinky mind
her medal for being naughty
her medal for sexuality
her medal for being seductive
her medal for cheerfulness
her medal for being genuine always
her medal for being direct
her medal for being simple
her medal for being complex
her medal for despising romance
her medal for needing it but refusing to admit it
here are all the shiny medals you gave her


you can’t get those doors out of your mind
you want to know what drives her
you want to know what is behind all the gifts you enjoy in


u make her trust you
you kiss away her doubts
you help her change the way she interacts with people


you sneak in


you start climbing over that wall


you hear her say, climb down, here is the key, silly

is this you, you ask
she nods and steps in
you follow her, still curious

her hand starts to tremble
she seeks your hand
you touch it lightly

you step out of that chamber
wait for her to get out too
lock it and return her the key

shiny medals lighten you up
you take her firmly by the hand
and start to dance surrounded by medals

here, a medal for the scent of your hair
it is so njam
here, a medal for dancing
it is so passionate
here, a medal for the way you move
so sensually
how can you be so cute

after you fell asleep in her arms
she sneaked to the chamber
and read the words you had inscribed on the inner walls

i am not this person that can cope
with everything that you need

i just needed you to be there for me

she inscribed underneath it,
locked the door twice, hid them better
and polished her medals


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