My virtual name is Mist. Actually, it is mist. I started using it while playing DoTA2 on Steam. M is the first letter of my real name, I is a Croatian word for and, S is the first letter of my husband’s name and T stands for team. Also, I like the meaning of the English word mist.

In time, while playing DoTA2, during some funny moments (they are funny now, back then we might had lost the game because of my actions), words like mistake and mistclick started being used in a special way:

mistake = when mist makes a noob (noob = newbie) mistake and instead of leading to a disaster, it improves our game status (oops 🙂 ) – there are some real life situations where I used the word but real life people failed to see its beauty

mistclick = when mist clicks wrongly, this sometimes results in deteriorating our game, sometimes it has no effect on the game whatsoever and sometimes it turns into a mistake, but it is always funny how silly and distracted she can be

For wordpress I chose mistspell because I was sure I will have spelling mistakes (here the word mistake is used in a normal way) but I toyed with the meaning of mist’s spell. Heroes in DoTA2 have spells and we all know that people sometimes say – she got him under her spell. Sometimes they use it for a femme fatale and sometimes for a person they consider being a witch (one might even substitute w by b there). Every woman is femme fatale to a man that loves her but it is also a b/w/itch to the man they intimidate. It’s all about perspective.


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