If life gives you poop, just unroll the toilet paper

This one is a story for my son inspired by situations in the life of grown ups which, sadly, most of us encountered. You might recognize yourself or somebody dear to you in it.

A little girl wanted to play so she managed to find a place where children were put in a group to play together. Grown up there was impressed by her so he decided to squeeze her in even though there was no more place for new kids. Children there all wanted to have fun but couldn’t think of what to do. Finally, one boy suggested they should play with scissors and some glue. All the children ran home to fetch things they needed for their little project.Read More »


The one that sticks out

A story for my 5-year-old but others can relate too.

He was also the one that doesn’t fit in. I mean, he had four brothers he hung out with, they were all synchronized, they even lived together because it was more convenient for them but he knew he didn’t fully belong there.

Why? Well, he was much taller than any of them. Wherever they went, he felt people are staring at him, thinking how ugly he is. His brothers were aware of that but they ignored it. Sometimes all five of them would stand in front of the mirror and he would discretely look at them. They were smiling, being proud of themselves, so he pretended he is proud of himself too. He would pretend he doesn’t notice his height. Maybe they will like him better if he is more similar to them.

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In a village near our village but a long time ago lived a little girl with her parents. As any child of that time, she helped her parents with everyday work. Even when working she was playing with children of her age because those children were working there too and children always find the time for playing.

One day in that region came a sprite. His fame preceded him and all the grown ups were expecting his pranks. No one knew why was he behaving like that and no one tried to find out. They labeled him as such and accepted him just the way he was. Among all the children of that region, he liked to be cruel towards our little girl. He used to turn into a bird during the day and follow her around, pecking her whenever he could. And he could do it all the time, as long as no grown ups were around. At night he would turn into his sprite form and leave the girl alone.

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