E13 – Not your battle

Listen to Alisa’s “Sanja”:

Nemoj Sanja da se menjas –  Do not change Sanja
da se stidis lazi – do not be ashamed of lies
najlepsa si kakva jesi – you are the most beautiful the way you are
ne dozvoli da te iko kvari – do not allow anyone to taint you

She asked for some whores that are able to give pleasure in unusual ways.
“All whores can do that, sir, ugh, ma’am.”, said the Inn keeper.
“Not to me, not the thrill I seek for.”, she said as she put another bill in his hand. This was the language the Inn keeper loved and understood well. He offered her light dinner.
“Whore keeper will come soon.”
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E12 – Circumstances

The city was one of the pioneers of modern age with functional sewerage system. Unfortunately, it was intended to be used by a significantly less number of people than the city was holding now. In the last decade, the number of residents tripled, everybody wanted to enjoy the cozy life of stench free metropolis.
Built in lids where a building would connect to the public sewerage system where there to prevent its content to get back into those houses. This solved the problem for most of the private homes where the frequency of toilet visitors was reasonably small. Buildings that provided public service to the citizens often had problems with lids’ springs jumping out their seats.
Wealthy city once again needed help from poor people that were willing to work all sorts of jobs just to make ends meet. Even among those jobs, there were jobs considered less glamorous than others. Entering sewerage system to fix the lids was one of them, it took a lot to cross a border of one own’s mindset and become a sewerage worker. People often cross the borders of their own mindsets. Sadly, most of the time bad circumstances make them do that. We rarely cross the borders for the mere fun of it.
If one got lucky as a sewerage worker, during a shift, one would service a building used by opulent people. Those buildings had lids beneath toilets so most of the time there was no need to immerse completely into the sewer to find the lid and fix the spring. Opening the toilet and reaching the lid was a job for men tiny in size for normally sized men had too big and too rough hands to find and fix something as delicate as the spring.

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E11 – Patience

Brian Hyland’s “Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini”

It was a sunny day and I decided to let her out. Her best friend came along. They wanted to swim in the lake but it was too soon. Spring sun cannot heat the water  up enough for them to go swimming. I hid myself from her, wanted to give her some privacy. Luna made her laugh. Rarely something makes me smile as a sound of her giggles.

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E 10 – Owning

Listen to Regina Spektor “Fidelity”, try to find the version from Vintage Cafe Trilogy – The perfect blend.

Empress woke up in the mud. Fog was hoovering over the river bank. This was a cold dawn, no sun in sight. She was shivering. When empress saw him, she mumbled,

“It’s you! Great! Come closer, help me get on your back and carry me into the forest, I am not safe here.”

He obeyed her. Once she was on his back, she put her legs around his waist and embraced his shoulders. He laughed, his cousin’s sweet little daughter liked to make him carry her like this. She was the only one he knew with a bright color around her personality. It was because she was honest and her mind was not corrupted by toxins other people usually produce, he figured. When she heard him laugh, empress whispered something in his ear. Those weren’t clear words but, judging by the tone of her voice, they were meant to calm him down. She even padded him on his chest.

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E9 – Blood stained undergarment

Listen to Rednex “Cotton Eye Joe”.

“Do you remember when we first met?”, she was sitting beneath empress’ legs, touching inner part of her right foot. Empress was laying on her tummy and wasn’t reacting to the touches so she continued.

“You were 16. So was I. It was raining that night, nature was raging for a reason unknown to us. You had been riding and hunting with your father for several days. Your dad decided you deserved to sleep under a solid roof that night so you two sought cover in an Inn you came across.
It was a dirty place, that Inn, full of diverse men. My father called them unpleasant but you found them very amusing. Loud men seemed to be alpha males only on the surface, because they surrounded themselves by calm men. The truth is, they were so drunk and mentally unstable that only calm men knew how to handle them. A few years later I learnt you were right about that. Anyway, you were dressed like a boy. I remember you telling me that your father doesn’t mind you dressing like that when you are hunting and you felt much safer pretending to be a boy.Read More »

E8 – Tedium

This time listen to Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman”.

For the trip back to the empire, empress decided to dress like a man. She will be traveling alone with her old bodyguard and it is much safer for two men to travel together than it is for an old man and a woman. The two of them will travel much faster than the whole suite of manly protectors.
They traveled during the day and for the nights they were settling in some inns near the road. Somewhat 200 km from the empire’s border, they had to sleep under the sky because the night caught them nowhere near the inn they planned to sleep in. They probably lost a lot of time on her swimming escapade. Old bodyguard noticed that lake and the day was really hot. She told him it was worth it. She loved sleeping outdoors anyway. Her father made sure of that when she was a little girl.Read More »

E7 – Victory

Try finding Tutti Frutti’s song “Ne bojim se drugova tvoga frajera” (I am not afraid of your boyfriend’s mates). It is a bit old and (not) cool in Croatia so I assume non-Croatians might not appreciate it either but hey, it did trigger this story and, to be honest, I am cool enough to have a liberty of being who I truly am all the time so I insist on you finding THAT particular song.

During the whole trip the weather has been pretty cold. They were all very grateful for that. Nobody wanted to find out what smell does a 5 days old corpse have on a warm and sunny day. It was mostly quiet cortege, Laura’s daughter stopped sobbing this morning and her husband was keeping his sorrow for himself. All of the empress’s siblings with their families where in a cortege. They wanted to escort their sister properly and to say goodbye to her on a local graveyard, where all their ancestors were buried.Read More »

E6 – Scar

Listen to Son Lux “You don’t know me”. If you grow tired of it, switch to Son Lux “Easy” (I really like the original video).

All of her siblings arrived a few days before the ball except her youngest brother. His wife sent a letter of apology. He was on a business trip and his wife didn’t want to travel alone with two small children. Namely, the trip to the empress was long and involved traveling through mountains which might be too hard for the children.Read More »

E5 – Dear Laura

While reading this story, try to listen to Cigarettes after sex “Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby”.

Dear Laura,

I had written this letter so many times and so many times I burnt it. This time it will be different because this time I am finally free. He will not hurt me anymore. Nothing is going to hurt me anymore. Not even you.
Of course, you might argue that you have never hurt me, that you were always protecting me. Even when our father decided I am at the right age to get married, you offered him a good advice – Let her heart choose her future husband. So it did. I loved him and he loved me. My fiancé was perfect in every single way. He was my love and I was his little snowberry. One soul in two bodies. God, I used to giggle when I would hear something as tacky as this.
Something went wrong though and you knew it. What you didn’t know is that I saw you at the box stall door in a horse stable that evening. You were looking at us, looking at me, disapproving. My dress was lifted above my waist. You saw my tears but you didn’t stop him.  You may say it was dark so tears weren’t visible. You may even say you heard moans so you thought I wanted it. My sweet Laura, you also heard I said “No!” and you knew only one person there was moaning. All I could hear was his moaning and horses’ laughing. You did nothing. When he was done, I smiled, kissed him goodnight and went to my room.Read More »

E4 – My snowberry

This story was inspired by Red Army Choir’s “Kalinka”. Try to listen to it while reading it. Actually, it would be perfect if you could find a performance of Red Army Choir at The concert in Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, 1965 with Yevgeny Belyaev as soloist.

She chose the darkest corner of the room. This may be his home but she will choose the corner. The hood was still on her head, keeping her face in shadows. He entered the room and closed the door. It took some time until he spotted her.

“How did you find me?”
“I am my father’s daughter, I can find innocent soul in hell if I set my mind to it.”Read More »