Something to plot about

I planned to skip this prompt, solitude is such an energy drainer. This morning though I felt the urge to get up and just get all the piled up things out in the open. It turned out that in the solitude of my toilet I evacuated most of those things so now I am sitting here not sure why I got up this early. I could’ve slept 90 minutes longer.

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Slowing me down

When we started this, you were very excited. I could see that glow in your eyes. You knew exactly what you want to do, where you want to go with me. Your eyes were full of promises. Sometimes I would even think you love me. I, myself, wasn’t sure if I love you. Pedestrians would pass us by, being amazed how a person like me can have you by my side. They were amazed by your beauty and were connecting it to your intelligence. This in turn triggered their expectation for you be obedient. You and me both knew you obey only when you see some interest in it. I mean, most of the time you don’t even understand what I am talking about. I was very proud each time a passerby would compliment you even though I knew I had nothing to do with it. Read More »

Why do they come here?

Just an ordinary day, mother and her son doing chores/playing in the house. Father is at work. When the night came, they turned off the light in the house. They mustn’t be seen so they sat behind the sofa. Now they couldn’t be seen from the window nor from the front door. The rain started to pour and a son got scared. Mum hugged him and whisperedRead More »


In a village near our village but a long time ago lived a little girl with her parents. As any child of that time, she helped her parents with everyday work. Even when working she was playing with children of her age because those children were working there too and children always find the time for playing.

One day in that region came a sprite. His fame preceded him and all the grown ups were expecting his pranks. No one knew why was he behaving like that and no one tried to find out. They labeled him as such and accepted him just the way he was. Among all the children of that region, he liked to be cruel towards our little girl. He used to turn into a bird during the day and follow her around, pecking her whenever he could. And he could do it all the time, as long as no grown ups were around. At night he would turn into his sprite form and leave the girl alone.

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In cabinet he hung.

He can’t even remember for how long. It seemed like a whole eternity had passed since those gentle hands had put him there. They were very attentive not to pierce him nor to make folds that would make him look like a bum’s coat. He was supposed to be a surprise for someone. But that someone didn’t come home in time for lunch. Her tears, as she was putting him in a cabinet, revealed him that that someone never made it home.

In time cabinet was moved to the attic. Dust covered it soon enough. Other stuff were disposed there too. At some point, cabinet stopped being visible from the entrance of the attic.

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