that’s what you are!

I am conversant with what went wrong
I am conversant with your flaws
I am conversant with what you need to change
I am conversant with what you should do
I am conversant with what you need

you are one blind mf



Yes! Quit from all the shits that are making you naive and needy.
But…I might lose something/somebody valuable.
Redefine valuable?
Yes! Turn bitter Ness to better Ness.

Water. No smell. No taste. And takes the shape of a vessel you put it in. It cannot be held in hands for it slips through the fingers. Yet it makes a path through stones of a mountain.

E12 – Circumstances

The city was one of the pioneers of modern age with functional sewerage system. Unfortunately, it was intended to be used by a significantly less number of people than the city was holding now. In the last decade, the number of residents tripled, everybody wanted to enjoy the cozy life of stench free metropolis.
Built in lids where a building would connect to the public sewerage system where there to prevent its content to get back into those houses. This solved the problem for most of the private homes where the frequency of toilet visitors was reasonably small. Buildings that provided public service to the citizens often had problems with lids’ springs jumping out their seats.
Wealthy city once again needed help from poor people that were willing to work all sorts of jobs just to make ends meet. Even among those jobs, there were jobs considered less glamorous than others. Entering sewerage system to fix the lids was one of them, it took a lot to cross a border of one own’s mindset and become a sewerage worker. People often cross the borders of their own mindsets. Sadly, most of the time bad circumstances make them do that. We rarely cross the borders for the mere fun of it.
If one got lucky as a sewerage worker, during a shift, one would service a building used by opulent people. Those buildings had lids beneath toilets so most of the time there was no need to immerse completely into the sewer to find the lid and fix the spring. Opening the toilet and reaching the lid was a job for men tiny in size for normally sized men had too big and too rough hands to find and fix something as delicate as the spring.

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Afraid of THE monster

Bobby McFerrin “Don’t worry, be happy”

One would expect that teenage years are the years in which we, as children, have the most problems. Now that I am a mother that is still pretty far away from my mouse’s teenage years, I can say that so far almost each week (maybe even day) had its own problems we needed to learn how to deal with.

The art of coping with problems of our adulthood has its origins in our childhood. The key is in being able to see the problems as what they truly are. One approach might be to dissect them into smaller problems, simplify them and solve those little problems. A few small problems’ solutions might actually give the right solution to the original problem. The trick is not to simplify things too much and to keep in mind the bigger picture. Also, sometimes we need to let our heart speak. Not this time though. In what I will write about today, we need rationalization.

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E7 – Victory

Try finding Tutti Frutti’s song “Ne bojim se drugova tvoga frajera” (I am not afraid of your boyfriend’s mates). It is a bit old and (not) cool in Croatia so I assume non-Croatians might not appreciate it either but hey, it did trigger this story and, to be honest, I am cool enough to have a liberty of being who I truly am all the time so I insist on you finding THAT particular song.

During the whole trip the weather has been pretty cold. They were all very grateful for that. Nobody wanted to find out what smell does a 5 days old corpse have on a warm and sunny day. It was mostly quiet cortege, Laura’s daughter stopped sobbing this morning and her husband was keeping his sorrow for himself. All of the empress’s siblings with their families where in a cortege. They wanted to escort their sister properly and to say goodbye to her on a local graveyard, where all their ancestors were buried.Read More »