to you

to you
that read this poem to find yourself in it
to you
that want to react
and to you
that dont give a sh*t,
this one is for me, not you
so go away, dont waste your time
go, i say, shoo

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E12 – Circumstances

The city was one of the pioneers of modern age with functional sewerage system. Unfortunately, it was intended to be used by a significantly less number of people than the city was holding now. In the last decade, the number of residents tripled, everybody wanted to enjoy the cozy life of stench free metropolis.
Built in lids where a building would connect to the public sewerage system where there to prevent its content to get back into those houses. This solved the problem for most of the private homes where the frequency of toilet visitors was reasonably small. Buildings that provided public service to the citizens often had problems with lids’ springs jumping out their seats.
Wealthy city once again needed help from poor people that were willing to work all sorts of jobs just to make ends meet. Even among those jobs, there were jobs considered less glamorous than others. Entering sewerage system to fix the lids was one of them, it took a lot to cross a border of one own’s mindset and become a sewerage worker. People often cross the borders of their own mindsets. Sadly, most of the time bad circumstances make them do that. We rarely cross the borders for the mere fun of it.
If one got lucky as a sewerage worker, during a shift, one would service a building used by opulent people. Those buildings had lids beneath toilets so most of the time there was no need to immerse completely into the sewer to find the lid and fix the spring. Opening the toilet and reaching the lid was a job for men tiny in size for normally sized men had too big and too rough hands to find and fix something as delicate as the spring.

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E11 – Patience

Brian Hyland’s “Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini”

It was a sunny day and I decided to let her out. Her best friend came along. They wanted to swim in the lake but it was too soon. Spring sun cannot heat the water  up enough for them to go swimming. I hid myself from her, wanted to give her some privacy. Luna made her laugh. Rarely something makes me smile as a sound of her giggles.

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A shoe, hair and a shower

This one I will write without music in the background. I want to hear the voices that need to be heard.

Last week I was in Warsaw, Krakow and Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. Why did I write Auschwitz-Birkenau? Birkenau is 3 km away from Auschwitz and was established because they needed more space – some sort of an expansion of Auschwitz. You can google tons of pictures and facts about places I visited. Some are colorful and cheerful and some are gray. I myself snapped a few pictures (zero selfies) too. I will not put them here though.
First thing I read before going there happened to be that after visiting Auschwitz one’s appetite is more or less OK but, after visiting Birkenau, one loses its appetite. I was pretty hungry both in Auschwitz and Birkenau. Appetite depends on both stomach sensitivity and the ability of the mind to block negative thoughts. In addition, I eat to make my time flow faster, to celebrate happy emotions and to drown negative ones. Now that we know where the ability of my stomach to feel hunger in Auschwitz and Birkenau comes from, lets see what is behind a shoe, hair and a shower.

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Came home from work.
Finished nutella (I ate it using spoon because I am not eating flour – flour is not healthy).
Ate a bit of ice cream (chocolate-orange). OK, maybe a tad more than a bit.
Drank a glass of Pepsi (or two, OK, not more than three – probably).
Ate a few PEZ candies (two packs down, 4 to go – they were standing in my cupboard for more than 6 months!!! Mouse obviously wont eat them in time! This is me doing us a favor).
Made plans with my girls to go for a cake next week.

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